This 2X Olympian, 4X world champion medalist, 4X national champion and Ironman has taken on a new challenge: motherhood

Laura’s Story

I was a professional triathlete from 1998 to 2017. My husband, Greg, was also a professional triathlete. We enjoyed great success as endurance athletes, but now our energy goes into raising our daughter Sydney Marie.

I spent the past two decades of my life preparing my body to compete at the highest level. I’ve had access to the best nutrition, fitness and wellness experts, in addition to the 25 years of experiencing it and testing on myself. Now, I’m using this knowledge to ensure that our little girl, as well as Greg and I, stay healthy, happy and balanced.

Please join me on this journey, regardless of where you are on your fitness goals. I don’t know what to expect, but I can guarantee I’ll give it my all.

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier when you have the support of friends

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