I am definitely trying to savor these last five weeks of emotional freedom. You have the internal conflict of wanting your body back versus the emotional freedom. These are the last days where you won’t be thinking about this little miracle growing inside you, every day for the rest of your life. ☺

Third trimester challenges
My fuse definitely feels shorter than it was earlier on, but I find eating well, getting as much sleep as I can, and getting my exercise in – even just 20 to 25 minutes on the elliptical, building a mild sweat – helps keep my emotions under control.

The biggest change in the third  trimester has been HEARTBURN and REFLUX. I NOW know the difference. I have had reflux since college swimming days, or at least that’s when I first really started noticing it. I’d eat a big lunch, then try and fit in as many sit-ups as possible before getting in the pool for a session. I got checked out way back then and the doctor said to get on prescription drugs. I refused and that’s when I changed my diet to smaller, more frequent meals. It definitely helped, but poor digestion has been with me ever since.

Well, in this third trimester, I have hit new heights of indigestion: HEARTBURN, THROAT BURN, REFLUX whatever you want to call it, it is not enjoyable. It has felt like you have to do a huge burp but all that happens is it gets trapped in your throat and burns to the point of eye watering and jaw spasms.

Ways to deal with reflux
All this is due to the baby decreasing the functional size of your stomach by exerting upward pressure. There’s not much room in this cavity as she grows. One of the main reasons for reflux in the third trimester is the hormones relaxing the esophagus and causing the food to travel back up. My coping tactics include:

  • Smaller meals. Well, I have pulled from my past experience and have started eating smaller meals for dinner and having them as far out as possible before lying in bed (this is when it really turns up).
  • Limiting protein. Some advice I was given was no eggs or meat three hours before going to bed, as it takes much longer for the proteins to exit the stomach. I definitely can not do this, as I would be starving within one hour of eating and for sure the rest of the night. So I try to eat over three hours before bed, and to have no sugar after dinner, as I find this causes chaos on whatever I have had for dinner. I still suffer a bit within the first 20 minutes of lying down, but it is much better.   
  • Eat and drink at separate times. I try to drink and eat on separate occasions (maybe just enough to keep things moist but not runny, as this was more of the advice I was given, and something I had come to realize the weeks before receiving it). I might have ginger or peppermint tea 30 minutes before or after dinner, and again maybe two hours later, to separate the drinking and eating, and also help in digestion. It’s a love/hate situation: It helps digestion, but it makes the reflux happen right away. I guess that’s better than when I’m lying down.
  • Change your supplementation times. One of our favorite times to have our magnesium supplement (magnesium glycinate, the best for bioavailability or absorption) is before bed, because it knocks you out, but unfortunately I have found that it also relaxes the esophagus even more, plus it adds the bit of water to wash them down which adds to the reflux.

Constipation is getting better
We came down to Florida for warmer weather. The constipation is much better being down here. I’m able to stay more hydrated, even though I live in air conditioning. Keeping up with the Regular Girl twice a day and having an apple with my three daily eggs really seems to help.

Difficulty sleeping
I’m feeling more tired but finding it hard to sleep because of the heart burn and the added weight of lying on my side with an ache in my shoulders and hips. For some reason it makes me feel a bit itchy.

It’s crazy how it gets harder to sleep leading into the last two months of pregnancy – then you don’t get any sleep after delivery – nature really got that off. ☺

With all this being said about the troubles of sleeping, I must say my favorite time of the day with the little peanut growing inside me is when I am just going to bed and just waking up, and she is too; so she is kicking and jostling for a good sleep position and waking up. She is a little cheeky though, often I will feel a kick, put my hand there and she will stop, heightening my patience for this bizarre feeling of something growing inside of me!

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