I’m a former professional triathlete and since my retirement, I’ve stayed active. It’s now more important than ever as I’m expecting my first child. My first trimester was brutal. I was so tired I couldn’t run and the constipation was horrific. I’m committed to making the healthiest baby I can and that means that I need to stay healthy. I exercise every day and make sure my digestive system is truly regular with an easy, natural solution to pregnancy-related constipation.

It’s important to keep moving while pregnant.

I don’t train like I did when I was racing, but I still do something fitness related every day. Now that I’ve entered my second trimester, I have the energy to run every other day. On my days off, I still take a walk or do a low-impact swim. If you’ve never been a runner, walking is plenty of exercise. It’s enjoyable, flushes the body, relieves stress and gets your mind ready for the day.

When I was racing, I had to stop for bathroom breaks in at least 90 percent of my races. Since my retirement, I still have regularity problems. I have to plan my route carefully because I know I’ll need a portalet 15 to 20 minutes after I start. Pregnancy has added a new level of digestive woes. My first trimester I was constipated and in my second trimester I’ve been experiencing cramps and discomfort. Living in Colorado doesn’t help because it’s so dry that you get dehydrated easily. I used to find that coffee helped with constipation, but it dehydrates you and the caffeine is bad for the baby. I got off caffeine about three weeks before getting pregnant. So, I looked for another safe, natural solution.

Then the folks at Regular Girl sent me some of their product to try. I started taking it every day because it contains prebiotic fibers and probiotics that keep my gut healthy. Probiotics are the good bacteria that reside in the gut. Prebiotics feed the probiotics. Regular Girl, made with guar fiber, is flavorless and crystal clear when mixed with water. It’s a truly regulating fiber that won’t cause the additional gas or bloating you might associate with other fiber supplements. Since it is all-natural and Non-GMO Project Verified, I feel good about taking it while pregnant. Some of you may also appreciate that it’s 100 percent gluten free.

I wish I’d known about Regular Girl earlier. It would have helped me move closer to that balance I sought my whole athletic career. But it was just introduced a couple of years ago.

Staying regular will help reduce the stress on your body, and make it easier to make exercise a priority. Try to do something active every day. There’s always a way to fit it all in, you just have to make it a priority. It’s good for you and the baby.