Another reason to move south for the pregnancy – avoid sickness.  As it chilled down in Colorado, we thought and another check box in favor of moving to a warmer climate for the end of the pregnancy to avoid sickness.  I am convinced now, there is no avoidance.  Because even if the sickness isn’t down here, the hosts that carry it from the north are, and there’s no way out.   So to add insult to injury as you start to feel more and more out of breathe from your new found weight, now there’s a coating of phlegm over the lungs.  Talking for more than 5 minutes or walking / standing for more than 5 minutes seems ridiculously overwhelming.  Needless to say activity levels are at an all time low, and I think I have bruised a rib coughing through this sickness so that has added an unneeded pain element as my body rids itself of the phlegm.  Short walks and light swims/gym will resume once I feel like I am on the other side and can breathe enough to do so.

I’ve tried to do everything “right” … I am religious about my vitamins, minerals, amino acids, water intake, sleep, activity (not too little, not too much) and it still got me.  I must admit however, there was one day where I was a bit tired and I decided to push through instead of take a nap, wondering now if that was the once chance my body gave me to listen to it and I didn’t and it sealed my fate.  My goal is to learn from that and see if there really is any hope the next time.

3 weeks to go, heart burn keeping my diet at night in check.  I have now locked in trying to eat the majority of my calories before 2 pm, then a very light dinner (made at home- less variance for things that will repeat) being done by 5 (still protein and fat in it, just not a big meal) before lying down / sleeping 8 -9 pm.  Spreading out my fluids to just enough while eating, but bigger amounts either 30’- 40’ before or 2hrs after.  And no sugar after or with dinner, this causes right turmoil!   Sticking to this has helped a ton.

I’ve found a good routine in:

Wake –

1 scoop – Regular Girl

(5g) Bennett Endurance Ribose

Serving Size of Prescription Amino Acids


Pregnancy Tea & Ginger Tea

Digestive Enzymes & Custom Multivitamin Minerals


Breakie –

3 eggs

Cheddar Cheese


Ginger & Pregnancy Tea – living large – double bagging it

Digestive Enzymes & UltrAvail Omegas


Lunch –

Chicken Avocado & Cheese Melt


Ventresca Tuna Bellies salad – with Vital Choice

Digestive Enzymes


Dinner –

Chicken salad (the greens I heat up a bit for easier digestion) – avocado, cheddar cheese, pumpkin seeds, beets, apple, and olive oil.

Chicken and roasted veggies (sweet potato, sweet onion, zucchini, yellow squash)

Salmon (from and roasted veggies (same as above)