You would think a professional athlete would be solely focused on her performance before an event; not me. Instead of sizing up the competition or envisioning my route to victory, I often spent my time on the starting line thinking about where and when I’d have to make a bathroom pit-stop. Yes, even at the 2012 Olympics, I was worried about my belly instead of enjoying the moment.

I know I’m not alone. Runner’s diarrhea plagues many athletes, especially long-distance runners. Experts aren’t sure what causes this. It may be the physical jostling of the insides, decreased intestinal blood flow, hormonal fluctuations or pre-competition anxiety. It’s crazy when you think about it. There are professional athletes who scrutinize every aspect of their training, from what they eat to how they work out, but they can’t control their BMs.   

To combat the issue I tried changing my diet before a race such as avoiding high-fiber or fat-filled foods, but it didn’t help. I also tried emptying myself before a race. That didn’t help either. I considered over-the-counter remedies but was leery of the not-so-natural ingredients many of them contain.

I run less now that I’m no longer competing professionally, but I’m still thinking about my digestive system. My focus now is on staying healthy and helping other women – regardless of their athletic ability – improve their health.

The kind people over at Regular Girl heard about my situation and suggested I try their prebiotic fiber and probiotic blend. I’m glad I did. I’ve learned that a daily dose of Regular Girl is an easy way to improve your digestive health. This truly regulating wonder blend helps food move through your body at just the right pace, helping you stay in control of your insides. And thanks to its gentle fiber, there are no uncomfortable bloating or gassy side effects to slow me down.

I add Regular Girl to my morning water, but you can add it to nearly any room-temperature food or beverage. It mixes so cleanly. There’s no change in flavor, texture or odor. Whether you’re a long-distance runner struggling with the same issue I had or just starting an exercise routine, I suggest taking care of your digestive health with a daily sprinkle of Regular Girl. There is so much more to life than the location of the next bathroom!